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Blue Spider design, provision and support Avaya-based telephony solutions, a complete range of connectivity services and managed WiFi solutions into multi-occupancy residential accommodation.

The company has been founded by very experienced and committed telecoms professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in many aspects of the communications industry. We have worked through the evolution of telecoms systems from the mechanical systems, right through to the latest IP-based systems and therefore have a detailed understanding of all aspects of telecoms systems and solutions, enabling us to better understand our clients’ needs and how they can best be achieved. We offer either Cloud-based (hosted) or on-premise telephony solutions, whichever best suits the needs of each customer. If you want experienced, professional telecoms experts involved in your communications projects, look no further than Blue Spider.

In today’s world, the right telephony solution can dramatically help improve the way a business communicates both internally and with its customers. But understanding how best to deploy and harness these new and exciting ways to communicate can have its challenges. Features such as mobile integration, multi-channel contact centres, collaboration and self-assist (IVR) can offer businesses real and measurable operational and commercial benefits–but how can a business fully understand what is achievable and what it really needs? At Blue Spider, we have the experience and expertise to work with our clients to design, provision and support telephony solutions that deliver real and tangible benefits.

All the solutions we design and deploy are focused on delivering the best possible solution in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. At the design stage, we ensure we fully understand the client’s short and longer-term needs and objectives and we design the most appropriate solution to match them. At the provisioning stage, we ensure all aspects of the work are properly coordinated to help minimise any disruption to any aspects of the operation. On-going support services are comprehensive, efficient and effective. All our solutions and services represent great value for money and are delivered professionally and proficiently. We know what we are doing.


Internet access has rapidly become one of the most important aspects of modern life. We now all use the Internet for communicating, entertainment, shopping, banking, education and so much more. The devices we now typically use for our Internet connectivity – like smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers etc. – depend on wireless or WiFi Internet access. Our homes are getting increasingly ‘smarter’ with an ever-increasing array of smart devices now available. So reliable, fast, secure and consistent WiFi has become critical for people wherever they are; and particularly at where they live.

Multi-occupancy residential accommodation provides a range of ‘interesting’ challenges for implementing WiFi Internet access – considerations such as controlling interference between access points, ensuring appropriate coverage, bandwidth management, user management and more.

At Blue Spider, our consultants have been involved with designing and implementing large-scale WiFi deployments into multi-occupancy residential accommodation for many years and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could help your organisation with any such projects.


Of course, having a great, well-designed infrastructure is only a part of the full picture. To complement our telephony and WiFi solutions, Blue Spider also provide a comprehensive range of connectivity services, including broadband, DIAs, ISDN and point-to-point leased lines.


We also work in partnership with other trusted suppliers to help ensure Blue Spider can provide the complete solution – whatever it involves.